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Why is screen mirroring not working on your Samsung TV?

Nov 29, 2023

Don't sweat when screen mirroring stops working on your Samsung TV

Screen mirroring is an effective way to check your phone's screen on a big display. Most smart TVs, including Samsung TVs, come with a screen mirroring function to view the media library from an iPhone or top Samsung Galaxy phone. Besides viewing pictures and videos, screen mirroring is also helpful during meetings. You can mirror a PowerPoint presentation or Excel sheet from your phone to the Samsung TV. You don't need to deal with a cumbersome wired setup to project your phone's content on a Samsung TV.

Before you move to alternative ways to view photos or documents on a big screen, screen mirroring needs to work correctly. Screen mirroring not working on your Samsung TV may confuse you. Here are the best troubleshooting tricks to fix the problem.

Are you trying to mirror your iPhone screen to your Samsung smart TV? You need to have a Samsung smart TV with AirPlay 2 built-in. Samsung smart TVs from 2018 and later have the out-of-box AirPlay 2 functionality. The list includes Neo QLED TVs, Frame TVs, and smart monitor models like the M7 and M8.

Reboot your Samsung TV and phone to troubleshoot minor connection glitches like screen mirroring not working.

After you reboot your Samsung TV and phone, mirror your phone screen to Samsung TV again.

For seamless screen mirroring, your phone and Samsung TV must be on the same Wi-Fi connection.

iPhone users can swipe down from the upper-right corner to reveal the Control Center and connect to the same Wi-Fi network. You should connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency for a robust signal.

You shouldn't keep a long distance between your Samsung smart TV and phone. Keep your phone within 10 meters (33 feet) from your TV for a stronger connection. Going beyond a specific distance may lead to glitches in screen mirroring.

You should also remove any physical objects between your Samsung TV and phone. Such objects can act as a barrier and block the signals during screen mirroring.

Screen mirroring only requires a stable Wi-Fi connection. The Bluetooth connection on your phone and smart TV may prevent screen mirroring. Disable Bluetooth on your phone and Samsung TV and try again.

Android users can disable Bluetooth from the quick toggle menu, while iPhone users need to turn it off from the Control Center.

An active battery-saver mode limits or turns off background activity, some visual effects, certain features, and network connections. Screen mirroring may not work on your Samsung TV due to a battery saver mode. You need to connect your phone to a power adapter and turn off battery-saver mode using the steps below.

If you disabled AirPlay on your Samsung TV, the TV doesn't appear under Screen Mirroring on your iPhone. Here's how to enable AirPlay on Samsung TV.

An outdated software on your TV or phone may interfere with the screen mirroring function. Update your iPhone or Android phone to the latest version and follow the steps below to install the pending update on your Samsung TV.

If the built-in screen mirroring still doesn't work, use a third-party alternative like AirBeamTV to enjoy your phone's content on a big display. You need to download such apps on your TV as well as your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to start screen mirroring.

You don't need to start screen mirroring to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. The default app store on your Samsung TV houses the best value streaming services. It only takes a minute or two to download and set up those apps on a Samsung TV.

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