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What can I put on my entryway wall? 9 elegant ideas

May 22, 2023

From paint to wallpaper, mirrors and more, explore how to elegantly enhance the blank walls in your entryway

Learn how to transform your entryway walls from bare to beautiful as we address the question – what can I put on my entryway wall?

An entryway should not only warmly welcome you into the home, your entryway ideas should set the tone for rest of your interior design scheme, and making the most out of your available wall space allows for a whole host of decorating opportunities.

From eye-catching artwork, wallpaper and paint, to more practical designs such as shelving and hooks, finding the perfect balance between what looks good and what will make the space more functional is key for this hardworking, transitional space.

'Entrance halls provide many functions; they are welcoming and transient spaces that also need to be functional. Wall finishes should be robust and furniture needs to be practical, perhaps a chair to sit on to put your shoes on, a place to had a coat or leave your keys. The entrance hall sets the tone for the rest of the house,' says Mike Fisher, Studio Indigo's, founder and creative director.

With help from a collection of interior design experts, explore how you can elevate your entryway with our inspiring selection of decor ideas.

Mike Fisher is founder of Studio Indigo, a multidisciplinary design practice that features a collective of dynamic architects and interior designers. Fisher has 25 years experience designing and building residential properties all over the world.

One of the easiest ways you can transform a blank wall is by picking up a paint brush, and entryway paint ideas can really have a transformative effect.

As celebrity interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke explains, 'entryways are wonderful spaces to exhibit bold colors and wallpapers. For me, dark blues are a go-to, particularly when paired with a dark timber floor. Consider also ceiling paint ideas and woodwork to match your walls – this will make the space feel bigger. Or for those who prefer a lighter wall color, consider a patterned staircase runner, entrance hall rug, or vibrant floor tiles to insert a pop of color.’

Whether you choose to color drench the whole space in a bold blue hue, as shown in this more traditional entryway, or paint a colorful accent wall, the power of paint will be sure to enhance your entrance walls with color and character.

London-based interior designer, Naomi Astley Clarke, has worked in the interior design industry for over 20 years, and has a client base of movie stars, producers, music moguls, professionals, and entrepreneurs. She creates uplifting and exciting renovations and refurbishments of both residential and commercial properties.

A wall mural will be sure to make an impact when people arrive into your home. From a beautiful, painted natural landscape scene, to intricate patterns and shapes, it is your chance to create a one of a kind work of art for your space.

Naomi Astley Clarke supports this, and says how an entryway can be a wonderful place to paint a magnificent wall mural. 'It never gets old seeing wallcoverings and murals go up in a home's entrance – they completely transform the space, making a great first impression. I particularly like using designs with metallic detailing as they can uplift even the darkest of hallways providing a more subtle impact than mirroring or additional lighting.’

For more guidance and information on creating a wall mural in the home, explore our advice on how to commission wallpaper and murals.

When decorating with art in an entryway, creative director at Albion Nord, Camilla Clarke shares, 'there are two really effective ways to make a statement with art in an entryway. The first is to play with scale. Make the most of the wall space and choose a large-scale artwork that spans the full height of the wall. It will feel bold and impactful. Or, if you have a long entryway, another interesting way to make a statement is to create an gallery wall. Play with a mixture of artworks in different sizes, colors and genres to create your own personal gallery space.'

Creative director at London-based interior design firm, Albion Nord, Camilla Clarke has worked at some of London's leading interior design practices. Clarke uses her artistic background to influence her interior designs on everything from contemporary penthouses to Georgian homes.

Hallway wallpaper ideas are guaranteed to make a great first impression, with wallpaper bringing in beautiful pattern, color and striking visual interest into the space.

With so many different patterns and designs to choose from, wallpaper ideas can be both bold and impactful and more subtle and delicate, depending on your chosen style and the overall mood you want to establish in your entrance.

Just like paint, wallpaper can beautifully uplift a blank wall with striking visual interest – and it will always make for an interest talking point when guests first step foot into your home.

CMO at String Furniture, Bo Hellberg says, 'an entryway is a part of your home with a lot of traffic, meaning floor space is in scarce supply. But it's also the first impression of your home, so you really shouldn't skimp on style or design. In a narrow or small entryway you should make use of the height and wall spaces as much as possible.'

For a busy area in the home such as entrance, entryway storage ideas are essential, and adding shelving onto your walls will not only create storage, the shelving can also be used as a stylish display platform for ornaments, accessories and lamps; a simple yet highly effective way to add decoration to the space. See our top decorative picks from Net-a-Porter below to enhance the shelves in your entryway with beautiful decoration.

We love the colorful, confetti-like design of the Venetian HiBall vase by Soho Home, crafted by local Venetian artisans using a glass-blowing technique that's been practiced for over a millennium.

Designed by Anissa Kermiche, this hand dish is perfect for placing on an entryway shelf and for resting down your house or car keys.

Designed by Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye for Copenhagen-based brand Raawii, this beautiful blue earthenware bowl can store everything from keys to potpourri in your entryway.

'Done properly, entryway lighting will create a warm, inviting feel the minute you step through the door. The hallway should feel like a path through your home, leading you from one welcoming room to another. Lighting is a key factor in emphasizing this sense of progression.

'To avoid a gloomy, dark space, ensure your lighting comes from several sources. A pendant hung at the beginning of the hallway will only throw light down onto that section, so consider the addition of wall lights to create a pool of light running along a corridor,' says Charlie Bowles, director, Original BTC.

A wall light can work as a stylish design feature, as well as a practical light source, and bring in beautiful shape, material and color to your space. As shown in the entrance above, designed by Prescott Design, the woven, cone shade on the wall lamp perfectly complements the natural colors, textures and materials present in the rest of the scheme, with the metal fixture creating an elegant contrast.

Charles Bowles is a director at UK-based lighting brand, Original BTC, a family-run business founded in 1990. The brand supply beautiful lighting products across the world, with showrooms in London, Paris, New York & Taiwan.

A relatively inexpensive way to make a room feel utterly luxurious, paneling can be a great choice for walls in entrances of all ages and styles.

Wall paneling ideas have become increasingly popular in homes both classic and contemporary over the last few years, and paneling can be a great way to add wonderful texture, depth and character to a more modern hallway.

From original paneling in a period property enhanced with impactful entryway color ideas, to the integration of sleek wooden fluting in new-build entrance, there are so many different styles of paneling to choose from to best fit the entryway in your home.

Decorating with mirrors in interior design can not only increase the feeling of space and light in a room, and, of course, provide an area where you can check your reflection, they can enhance a blank wall with beautiful decoration, too.

An easy way to elevate a wall in an entryway with a stylish and practical focal point, mirrors really do come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so the design opportunities are endless.

Camilla Clarke from Albion Nord notes, 'if you have an alcove, add a console table with an arrangement of lush greenery and a beautifully framed mirror above,' as shown above, in this more rustic and relaxed hallway designed by California Daydreams.

As we have explored, entryway storage is incredibly important, and adding hooks to your walls will provide a practical area to store coats, bags, hats and more. We love the idea of using the wall space below the hooks for a practical seating area, beneath which there's plenty of shoe storage, hidden or to hand.

Wall hooks for smaller spaces need to be chosen for their good looks. There are so many beautiful, decorative designs to choose from that can add an artistic and characterful touch to your entrance walls. Our top picks are below.

A sculptural, swivel hanging rack available in antique brass or rusted iron, this stylish space saving solution is a perfect addition to a hallway or entryway.

Crafted from pinewood, we love the organic simplicity of the Picket Rail Hook, and how it can add a warming wooden element to an entrance wall.

Made from hand-painted, cast aluminum, the Ruth Hook Rack can add a colorful, and artistic metal touch to a wall.

Decorating the walls in your entryway is just one of the ways you can make your entryway more inviting, but there are many other decorating ideas you can embrace, too.

Making the space feel more cozy and inviting through layered lighting, tactile texture, such as the use of rugs, and embracing a rich color palette, will make the space feel more welcoming, characterful and connected to your style.

Finishing touches such as mirrors, ornaments and shelving, will pull your scheme together with stylish decorative detail, and transform the functional space into a beautiful entrance into the home.

Choosing a welcoming color for the entryway completely depends on your chosen style, and the overall mood and atmosphere you want to create in the space.

Earthy green and buttery yellow can beautifully brighten an entryway, making it feel more uplifting and welcoming, and other colors such as blue or a soft pink, can establish a more calming and tranquil atmosphere.

The colors never to paint your entryway have been revealed by experts to include more intense, impactful shades, such as red and black, but of course, it all depends on taste and personal preference.

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