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Toast the '99 Bottles' of art on the wall at Socorro show Saturday

May 01, 2023

Borderland art lovers can toast the works on the walls at Moonlight Adobe Hall's "99 Bottles" show Saturday night.

Then they can buy some of the art to take home.

The venue at 10180 Socorro Road in Socorro is bringing together 99 works by 65 artists. Each piece was created on wood cut into the shape of a bottle.

Tamara Gastelum, co-owner of the venue with her partner Gabriel Marquez, said, "We thought the concept was really neat, to have as many pieces as we could, so we could incorporate as many artists that we could, and the song ‘99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall’ ‒ that's where the idea came from."

She said, "We had every piece laser cut for the bottles."

Marquez added, "It's an open theme, so we didn't give any instruction or direction or theme or anything. We just wanted the artists to just kind of create whatever they wanted.

"And a lot of the artists, they thought outside the box and created clay bottles, and so it's very interesting to see how the show is really coming all together," he said.

Gastelum said, "The artists were able to put any media on there, any type of art that they wanted to do."

Prices for the art ranges from $50 to $750, she said.

The show will be from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

"And we’ll have live music from Jason Sanford from 6 to 8 and we’ll have a DJ, Camina Ele P, and he’ll be spinning vinyls from 8 to midnight."

The Taqueria El Tiger food truck will have a food pop-up.

There also will be a bar for people 21 and older.

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People can get into the fun for free.

"If you would like to buy a bottle, then that's where you would have to pay something," Gastelum said. "You would have to pay the fee for the bottle, but the event is free and family friendly."

Marquez added, "All the bottles can be purchased online before and during the show."

He said, "The bottles are about 8 by 10 inches, and as far as depth they only are about an eighth-inch thick. Some are closer to a half inch thick."

He said, "All the pieces will be available online at There will be a page you can click on called ‘99 Bottles Show’ and all the pieces that are available will be there online with all the names, titles and pricing, and you can get all the information there."

Gastelum added, "So, the show is one day, that evening. We’ll have it on display the whole week for sale and viewing.

"And then after that, the bottles that don't sell the day of the show, the week of the show, will be moved over to Mystic Desert Studio (next door to the venue), and they will be on display for a month. And you can order them online. We can ship it to you if you are not from El Paso, but you want to collect some local art."

She said that all the artists either are living in El Paso or are from El Paso.

"We’re hosting this show because we want to create a collective space for all the artists," she said. "This is a theater that's been here since 1910 and we just want to continue its history and make it a space that is inviting and for local talent to showcase their work of all mediums. We welcome everybody and we are looking forward to a successful show."

Gastelum said she's grateful to "all of the artists who are participating, for all their hard work, their dedication."

She said Borderland artist Moi Garcia was key to getting the exhibit together, "helping with the curation process."

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"He gave me a lot of the artists’ contact information, and because we really tried to make it diverse, so there's tattoo artists, there's muralists, there's fine art artists ‒ every media you can think of, new and emerging artists."

She added, "We picked artists that are emerging artists, seasoned artists, to people that like to do work, that are artists themselves, but they don't ever participate in shows. And so it's been really exciting.

"So, there's artists that have never showed before," she said. "There's transplants that are not from El Paso that we welcomed so that they can meet the artists and be a part of the scene. I feel like El Paso doesn't have enough art resources or facilities to showcase talent, and we want to provide that kind of space."

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· Adam Ballesteros

· Adrian Aragones

· Albert Jacob Trevizo

· Alberto Hernandez

· Arron Venegas

· Ashton Kaleigh Narlock

· Aurakool Visionz

· Babak Tavakoli

· Bianca Mireles

· Blaster

· Brian Holt

· Broken Arrow

· Calixto Manuel Guerra

· Carolina "Kako" Villarreal

· Chris Melero

· Cimi

· Citlali Delgado

· David Elias Delgado

· Derek Caulfield

· Efren Lechuga

· Efrén Solórzano

· El Zapien

· Eleno Rosas

· Gabe Padilla

· Gabriel Marquez

· Jaqueline Martinez

· Jason Lucero

· Jessie Gandarilla

· Juan Ornelas

· Kaelyn Monarrez

· Lillian Sandoval

· Luis Lozano

· Manuel Guerra

· Marco Sanchez

· Mario Perez

· Melanie Montes

· Melissa Padilla

· Melody Gomez

· Michelle Palacios

· Moi Garcia

· Nico Antuna

· Pablo Hernandez

· Paul Telles

· Raul A. Monarrez

· Rebecca Martinez

· Rhiannon Skylar Hurman

· Roman Martinez

· Ruby Franco

· Serena Ornelas

· Serjik Leon

· Susan Wester Perez

· Tbird

· Terrance Flores

· Theron Nicholson

· Tino Ortega

· Valeria Tejada

· Vanessa Clark

· Venessa Smith

· Veronica Gonzalez

· Victor "Mask" Casas

· Visual Bluff

· Voodoo

· Zayra Mojica

· Zoogndagn

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