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May 2023 horoscopes: Doom, gloom and a spiritual super bloom

Oct 03, 2023

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Gemini naturalist Ralph Waldo Emerson mused of the month ahead, "What potent blood hath modest May; What fiery force the earth renews, The wealth of forms, the flush of hues."

Indeed, Ralph, indeed.

May means fresh blood, earthly abundance and the full bloom of Taurus season. This year, the hallowed time of the bull also coincides with a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio and the muck and mire of Mercury retrograde, adding a bit of bane and some heavy bull—t to the bucolic pastures of this fixed earth sign.

The full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio takes place May 5 at 1:34 PM EST. The last eclipse of the Taurus/Scorpio axis this one is an emo doozy. It's a south node, read instinct over intellect, eclipse in the most intense water sign in the wheel and its coupled up with Mars in the care as control sign of Cancer.

Lots of churning feelings, unresolved pain and irrational reactions bubbling up in this here lunar cauldron my friends. Proceed with compassion, expect the unexpected and don't fight inevitable endings. Release, retreat, respect the process.

On May 1, death daddy planet Pluto, of the titanic shifts and deep transformation begins its five month retrograde. Because Pluto is far afield the effects are not immediate or overt but they are at work on a subconscious, primal and very powerful level.

Egyptian artist and chef Laila Gohar recently wrote about some of her favorite Arabic phrases in Departures. "Na’atni besokatak," translates to "Give me drops of your silence." This is a dignified, poetic way to say "STFU" and an apt reminder during Mercury retrograde (underway for most of this month) that it is never what we say that matters or inflames, only how we say it.

Two days after Mercury stations direct on May 14, Jupiter, the planet of luck moves into Taurus where it will set up shop and dole out earthly delights for the next 13 months. Gohar's favorite Arabic expression is "bel raha."

As the artist explains, "It means ‘slowly’ but also literally translated it means ‘with comfort’ or ‘with ease.’ It means take things slowly…it implies a kind of joy." To me the energy of "bel raha" is the great lesson of this retrograde and Taurus season at large; take things slowly, take pleasure seriously and greet all things; the endings, the beginnings, the pain and the potential with a sense of ease, acceptance and elation.

Keep on keeping on and read on for your monthly horoscope, make sure to look and read for your sun and rising sign!

As the embodiment of the warrior archetype Aries, your energy is often outwardly directed but this month pulls you inward and deep, deep, deep. With an eclipse activating your eight house of intimacy and endings, your shadows will get some uncomfortable spotlight, spiritual sunburn predicted. Mid month Jupiter lends some good juju to your second house of self-worth and saving accounts; feel rich, look rich, do right.

The lunar eclipse hits hard in your seventh house of partnerships Taurus. Reason or season, some relationships have outlasted their viability. As a fixed earth sign it's hard for you to let go but trust that whatever you release is only and ever making space for what you truly need. And make room indeed because lucky AF, Big Lebowski planet Jupiter is moving into your sign on May 16 imbuing you with pure power and serious potential. Cut the fat so you can feast on what will keep you full.

Typically a high flying, mile a minute talking, wheeler and dealer, May sees you changing lanes and pausing your pace, Gemini. With Mercury, your ruling planet, currently retrograding, the time is nigh to consider how and where you disperse your energies, also be cognizant that you can stockpile for the glad times ahead by taking time to reflect and retreat now. Everything shines a little brighter when you take a break from the same scenery. Your mystical, murky twelfth house is activated this month, sleep whispering for you to tune in to the frequency of silence and the song of yourself.

This big bad eclipse is activating your inner child Cancer. What love or nourishment was withheld from you and how can you forgive who failed you and forge ahead and fortify yourself? Heavy asks but with Venus, planet of love and aesthetics moving into your home waters on May 7, you are more primed than ever to deserve and deliver every kindness under the sun. Let go and let grow.

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Both the sun and Mercury retrograde are highlighting and shadow playing in your tenth house of career, Leo. It's a time of reflection rather than action, not your cup of tea but exactly the medicine you need. In deference to the pace and direction of this time and place, start by visualizing the lifestyle you want and work in reverse to plot how to make that life possible. How much do you need, what is enough and are you prioritizing coin or the true currency of time itself?

This month, I want you to think of distractions as divine intervention, Virgo. Wherever, whatever and whomever is pulling at your thoughts, give it free rein. Let your mind wander into the back alleys of what could be. When Jupiter moves into the fertile earth of Taurus on May 16 the scattered seeds of this experiment may yield an unexpected growth spurt.

Repression breeds resentment, Libra! This full moon is forcing you to get clear about what activates/enrages you and asks you to adopt a direct, rather than avoidant approach to conflict. Honoring your anger and owning your limits is a form of self-love. Worth is wealth, Libra so hold yourself high if you expect to make gains, capital, personal, or otherwise.

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The final eclipse of your axis is here my Scorpio babies, giving you one last chance to shake loose the debris of your former self and step free and fire forged into the future. The theme of this lunation is purge for peace! Surrender the last shred of shed skin and prepare to be surprised both by how light your proverbial load will feel and how clear your thoughts, desires and non-negotiables will become.

You always speak the truth as you see it Sagittarius, but with Pluto and Mercury retrograding this month it would be wise for you to allow your thoughts to live in the mind and die on your tongue. Turn in and tune in before you speak out as you have more to learn from intuition than expression during this eclipse. Jupiter, your luck loving ruler, enters Taurus mid month and broadens the horizons of your daily habits; it's not about taking on more responsibilities but mining deeper joy from what you already do.

You are a resilient and potent force in the world Capricorn but even with your reserves of grit, you cannot afford to be energetically bled dry by friendships you have outgrown and lovers or business associates who have long stopped filling your cup or holding you up. If you are feeling more husk than human take it as a sign that change is necessary and trust that cutting ties will free you and free you up for new connections and brighter beginnings. Snip, snip, sever, sever, sea goat.

With small but mighty planet Pluto retrograding in your sign and Mercury kicking up dust in your fourth house a lot is happening beneath the surface and deep in the tangled roots of your family systems, Aquarius. Whether a look at the past leaves you nostalgic or nauseous take a cue from the patient, persistent energy of Taurus and trust that everything is being rehashed and reconsidered so that you might see it clearly and accept it fully.

How we doing Pisces? Mercury is meddling in your third house of communications causing you to feel anxious about expression and potentially shame spiral over an errant comment. Take heart, when the retrograde clears, drunk, jolly, fat pockets planet Jupiter (your ancient ruler, hallowed be thy name) is putting his Midas touch on this same sector, any wrongs shall be righted and you have a full year of expansion, flirtation, brilliant ideas, honey tongues, sharp minds and new friends to look forward to.

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Someone you work or do business with is too experienced to be taken in by figures that clearly do not add up, so make sure you know what you are talking about and don't kid yourself for even a moment that you might be able to confuse them.

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