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I spent $400 on a coffee table

Nov 07, 2023

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An Aussie TikToker has shared her hilarious shopping fail after she recently tried to buy a stylish white coffee table online.

What she ended up with was more like a "cheeseboard on legs" instead of the coffee table she had hoped for.

Now, she wants to give a heads-up to fellow homeware shoppers to make sure they don't fall into the same trap.

Lifestyle content creator, Bec Hardgrave, took to TikTok to share what happened to her when she recently tried to order a coffee table for her new apartment.

The clip, which now has 250k likes and nearly 10k comments is captioned: "New trauma unlocked."

"This is officially the worst brand that you should NEVER buy anything from," Hardgrave begins.

Then, she shows an image of the $392 Base Design Cocktail Table from LITFAD, a minimalist white coffee table with curved edges.

And this is what she received:

As you can see, the ‘coffee table’ looks vastly different from the one she ordered. Not only is it much smaller but it's also wooden instead of white.

Hardgrave uses a regular-sized dinner plate as a point of reference to show that the width of the table is just slightly larger than that of the plate. As her puppy walks past the table, it appears to be about the same size as the table too.

"Guys, this is a cheeseboard with legs," she laughs. "Are you actually kidding me?"

New trauma unlocked ✨ #furniture #worstbrands #warning #coffeetable

To drill her point home even more, she positions it on her rug next to the couch, its intended spot, and of course, it looks ridiculous and nothing like the photo.

She then did what any shopper would do and emailed the company to let them know about the mistake, but their response was far from what she was expecting.

LITFAD replied: "Dear Bec, Really sorry for the dissatisfaction. Our return policy means you need to return the item back to us first, when we receive it and confirm there is no man-made damage, we will refund you minus the shopping fee. That's how it works, hope you can understand.

"Our return address is in Foshan, China. The time cost and freight cost of returning the goods are very high.

"Therefore, we are willing to provide a 10% refund of the item price as compensation. You could keep it, you can try to sell it on eBay or give it to your friends or family members.

"Hope you can consider keeping the item."

After reading out the email, Bec jokes, "Yeah, I could try sell it to friends or family… because who wouldn't want a coffee table made for the Seven Dwarfs…"

She then explains that she reached out to a toll company to get a quote for shipping the item back to China.

"They said it would cost me $800," she said. Considering the coffee table cost nearly $400, it made no sense for her to go with that option.

"I guess I’m stuck with it," she concludes.

Many users were left in stitches over the clip, while others offered advice for the young shopper.

"Omg my friend did the same thing hahahaha," one user remarked.

"I would be soooo angry," someone else chimed in.

"This made me laugh so much but sorry this happened to you," one woman commented.

"That looks like a Year Seven woodwork project," someone else pointed out.

Another added: "If you paid through PayPal, they have buyer protection and they will refund you."

"$400!! Omg, what a rip-off… Ask your credit card company to refund it as a scam and go after them?" wrote a different viewer.

"This is what Australia consumer law is for," read another comment, but users pointed out that because it is a Chinese company, it might not apply.

Others tried to see the positives in the situation. "At least you have an elevated cheeseboard now," someone joked.

Another said, "It's cute! Plus, it's a great conversation starter."

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