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I made a DIY coffee table using an old IKEA desk and spray paint, it’s the perfect statement piece for my living room

Nov 11, 2023

A SAVVY DIY queen has shared the clever way she upcycled her old IKEA desk for the living room.

Known as Haneenbaro on social media, the brunette started the clip off by turning a simple, rectangular desk upside down onto her carpeted floor.

She then used a drill to remove all the nails from the legs to take them off, leaving her with the single slab.

Measuring the width of the table, she then placed cube-shaped shelves onto one side in a bid to figure out where exactly it should sit.

Putting a pair of white gloves on, @haneenbaro then applied glue to the edges of one side before flipping it over to stick it to the bottom.

Repeating this step on the other side of the table, she then took it out to her garage and placed it on a bin bag to spray paint the whole thing in a bid to give it more texture.

Once dry, she placed the table in front of her couch and began decorating it with accessories.

She first placed a glossy white ornament on the table before placing two large white books stacked on top of one another next to it.

"DIY coffee table 2.0. I love her," she wrote in the caption.

Viewers were left in awe of the finished product and took to the comments to share their thoughts on it.

"I love seeing people making things, especially when they repurpose stuff," one person wrote with a heart emoji.

Another said: "Omg this is so smart I have been trying to think of something new for my space. This is perfect!!"

A third then asked: "What spray paints did you use??" to which she responded: "Rust-Oleum Stone Creations!"

And when one person asked what kind of wood she used for the base, she explained: "It's my old ikea desk! The measurements are 39 ⅜ x 23 ⅝".

The TikTok user later added that she planned on using the legs from the desk to make a "small table".