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How To Light Up Wall Art With One Inexpensive Restoration Hardware Hack

May 30, 2023

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Picture lighting easily elevates any art you have in your home. Taking inspiration from art galleries and museums, these fixtures that sit above framed art illuminate the piece and add a decorative element to any room. These lights have become a favorite way to incorporate a simple and sophisticated detail into a home by adding a spotlight to any art feature of your home. And when done well, picture lights can easily elevate your favorite piece of art, whether it's a painting or a family portrait.

However, some homeowners might not realize the cost that's often associated with adding these fixtures to their own homes. Popular brands like Restoration Hardware sell picture lights that can cost hundreds of dollars. Plus, the cost of installation to have these lights without cords can be pricey. Instead, Rue of @decorsnippets on TikTok shared a hack that can recreate these stylish viral looks for way less. The hack doesn't require a renovation to install, so if you're looking for renter-friendly or damage-free options, this is the way to go.

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Traditional picture lights are wall-mounted, and that often comes with its own set of problems if you're looking for a quick décor DIY. With wall-mounted lights, the wiring and hardware are hidden behind the wall. This hides all the messiness but often comes with a larger project homeowners don't always bargain for.

Installing light fixtures that require in-wall wiring can cost between $300 and $400 to wire new fixtures into your home's current electrical system. And if you have to open the wall to get to the electrical system, that can cost another $250 to $500 to repair and repaint the drywall. The sleek picture lights that many homeowners may fall in love with are another cost. Many love the modern and timeless styles from Restoration Hardware. The luxury retailer sells picture light fixtures that range from $495 to $1,146, depending on the style. And if you plan to have multiple fixtures, the cost can quickly add up.

TikTok user Rue, @decorsnippets, shared a way to get the look for less. The light fixtures she found on Amazon have the sleek and modern look of Restoration Hardware, plus they come in three finishes. But what's really great, as Rue demonstrated, is that they don't require any kind of in-wall wiring. Instead, the LED light is battery-powered and comes with a remote to turn the fixture on and off. The light can hang on the wall with nails or Command Strips, both easy and renter-friendly options.

The stylish fixtures aren't the only dupe and hack to get the elegant look of wall lights for less. Many people have used similar hacks to avoid having to remove drywall and wiring in fixtures. Battery-powered LED puck lights can work with wall lights that have shades. There are also options for puck lights that screw into a light socket to keep it secure while remaining battery-powered and remote-controlled. These not only allow you to install wall lights without having to cut into drywall or wire into the electrical system, but it also expands the kind of lights you can use.

With this alternative, you don't have to buy lights that are themselves battery-powered. You can buy nearly any wall light as long as you can add a battery-powered bulb to the fixture in place of a traditional light bulb. This hack goes beyond accents above artwork and can be used throughout your home to illuminate and add interesting details without breaking the bank on a few minor renovations.