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Gracie McGraw Floors Fans With New Mirror Selfies

Jun 27, 2023

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's daughter Gracie McGraw gave fans a sneak peek at her recent shopping spree, and fans are loving the inside look.

McGraw took to Instagram yesterday, May 31, to share a pair of mirror selfies from her outing, in which she sat on the ground of what appeared to be a large fitting room in both shots, though she'd had a minor outfit change between each one.

In the first, the singer sat with her back straight, one leg propped up and one bent on the floor. She wore a light blue button-up blouse over a black and white checkered skirt. Green socks peeked above her short black hiking-style boots. A pair of white heels lay discarded at her side. She wore layered gold necklaces and a gold ring and chain bracelet, while her phone covered up her face as she snapped the shot.

The second slide showed more of the room, with a rack full of dresses seen on the left. The 26-year-old sat hugging both of her knees to her chest with one hand, her feet bare. She wore a striped blue, black and white tank for the cheeky snap, her eyes peeking over the top of her phone as she took the photo.

"I’m sitting on the floor," she aptly captioned the post.

"Wow so so true!" fellow performer Alyssa Fox commented.

"Wait, how was I supposed to know?" her sister Maggie McGraw joked.

"Pls tell me you got those mules! 😍," stylist Emily Sanchez demanded, to which McGraw confirmed, "gonna go back for the cow ones 😍😍."

Plenty of fans chimed in, too, dropping red heart emojis and complimenting McGraw's new, short, dark hairstyle.

"I love your adventurous personality!!!" another wrote, and we can't wait to see what adventure comes next!

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