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Build your democracy toolkit to prepare for the 2022 midterm elections

Sep 30, 2023

Answer these questions and we will curate a personalized list of stories, explainers and graphics that will get you the information you need before heading to the ballot box on Nov. 8. This page will continue to update with new stories and resources.

Want to know why the midterms are important?

Curious which legislation will be considered if Democrats remain in control — or if Republicans take over?

Want to know which congressional candidates are on your ballot?

Want to know the top issues in state ballot measures this year?

Want to know how many election deniers are running in your state?

Want to know why secretaries of state matter for 2024?

Want to know how to read midterm election polls?

Want to know how long you have to register to vote?

Want to avoid common pitfalls as you fill out your ballot?

Want to know how to track your ballot like a UPS package?

Want to know how ranked-choice voting works?

Want help debunking false claims made by friends and family?

Want to know why election fraud is rare?