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15 Living Room Mirrors To Revamp Your Home

Dec 10, 2023

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An easy way to create a lighter, brighter space.

Mirrors are one of the best decor choices you can make for your interior, especially in your living room. Why? Living room mirrors – regardless of shape and size – are ideal for making your space feel bigger, brighter and lighter.

Angle your mirror correctly and the benefits increase. Interior stylist at ScS, Vicki Foster, explains: 'Placing a mirror in the correct place in a living room allows you to optimise natural light. Capturing beautiful light inside will not only make a room feel bigger, but happier too.'

This means not only is the look of the room transformed with the addition of a stylish mirror but the mood too. What's not to like?

Catherine Cornelissen, founder & director of Decoralist, echoes this sentiment: ‘The right mirror in a living room has the ability to totally transform your space. Not only will a mirror improve your space aesthetically, but it will also work wonders for your space from a practical perspective, lifting your room to feel lighter, brighter and bigger.

Sleek wall mirrors with understated frames are perfect for minimalist living rooms, whilst decorative living room mirrors (such as those with ornate frames) work well as accent pieces. Fill empty corners with tall leaner mirrors, and choose arched mirrors above your mantelpiece.

‘If you select a mirror that is not only functional but equally attractive and unique in appearance, you'll also create a focal point that can tie your whole space together,' Catherine adds.

However, Sam Hood, co-founder and chief creative 0fficer at Amara, suggests avoiding the urge to go overboard: ‘Mirrors also work well in combination, to help reflect light off each other and around the room, but as a general rule you should only add mirrors to a maximum of two walls in a room, as adding too many can make guests feel uncomfortable.'

Unlike a hallway mirror, there are lots of options available when it comes to choosing a prime location for the mirror in your living room. Consider what will be reflected in your mirror, aside from lots of lovely light.

Martin Waller, the founder of Andrew Martin, says: ‘Think about what you want to reflect: through a mirror, you can spot your favourite artwork from an unforeseen corner of the room, hang one opposite a window to bring the outside in or in a passageway as a keyhole for what the next room has in store. Bigger is always better to instil more light and space in a room.’

Vicky McAlwane, the co-founder of luxury homeware retailer Auburn Fox, agrees: ‘Do you want sunlight to shine on your favourite furnishings at midday? Do you want to be able to see the art on the back wall of the room? Capturing objects in mirrors grants them centre stage.’

Firstly, the reflection of light creates a brighter and more airy feeling of space. Yvonne Keal, senior product manager at Hillarys, explains: ‘Placing your mirror on a wall adjacent to a window or glass door will trick the eye into thinking your living room is larger and will also bounce light into all corners of your space.’

And just as importantly, mirrors are both functional and decorative, making them incredibly versatile and a brilliant way of adding interest to your home. Sam agrees: ‘Mirrors also work well as a focal point for a room. This is where statement mirrors in particular really have their impact, helping to add some drama to a room and reflect your personality.’Keep reading to discover the best living room mirrors for 2023...

A contemporary twist on the classic circular wall mirror, this striking design will elevate your hallway, bedroom or living room.

A sleek contemporary piece that proves that less really is more. Hang above your fireplace for a sophisticated and considered look.

A metal frame adds a sense of durability to this otherwise organic-feeling mirror. A metallic gold finish adds contrasts with the pared-back design for an overall chic look.

Handcarved from tropical hardwood, this mirror will add a touch of opulence to your living room. We think this is as much a piece of décor as it is a functional item.

Make a statement with this circular wall mirror; simple in design yet instantly striking. We think this would look best above a fireplace, acting as a visual focal point.

This industrial-inspired design is sure to catch the eye. A thin metal frame adds extra detail whilst the sleek round frame keeps things understated.

We love the simplicity of this arched mirror; it's perfect for minimalist interiors. This wall mirror is ideal for hanging above petite fireplaces and mantelpieces.

See every angle with this tall and sleek leaner mirror. Prop it in a corner and it'll make your space feel instantly bigger.

Add a contemporary touch to your living room with this oblong wall mirror. Understated and unique in shape, it's ideal for adding personality to neutrally decorated spaces.

Art Deco-inspired, this mirror is bordered with blue-toned glass panels for an elegant finish. We love the shapely curves that frame the top, as well as the clean lines of the lower half.

Talk about making a statement. At over a meter in height, this beautifully carved mirror in antiqued gold is described as 'an astonishing and accomplished piece of wood carving'. Place above your mantel and it will command all attention.

Enjoy anything and everything boho? This is the mirror for you. The handmade rattan frame makes us think of sun rays. Lovely.

The natural curves of rattan and the handmade binding on this mirror create an organic feel which is further softened by its pastel colourway.

This on-trend mirror features a curvy silhouette to add some extra visual interest to your living room. We love the simple yet eye-catching design.

Featuring a stunning bobbin frame, the rectangular wall mirror is a way to add both reflection and texture to your space. Better still, the neutral finish keeps it from being overwhelming.

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Mirrors are one of the best decor choices you can make for your interior, especially in your living room. Why? Living room mirrors – regardless of shape and size – are ideal for making your space feel bigger, brighter and lighter. How do I choose a living room mirror? Where do I put my living room mirror? What are the benefits of having a mirror in your living room?