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Rounding Up: Tactile Surfaces and Sculptural Curves at BoConcept Spring/Summer '23

Jul 29, 2023

Tactile surfaces, rich materials and sculptural curves take center stage in the new SpringSummer23 collection from Danish furniture manufacturer BoConcept. Known for its simple Scandinavian design DNA, this season's new range of furniture and accessories invite the senses to get involved, to carefully observe and touch these new pieces with their captivating materiality and rondure.

With references to upholstered lounge seating from the early 20th century and the eclectic art deco period, the Bolzano seating collection embraces both comfort and elegance. Sitting down in a Bolzano chair, one experiences softness all around, making it easy to imagine a restful and intimate moment, sipping on a well-stirred cocktail, just like back in those days.

The Bolzano seats can be covered in a range of different fabrics, but the Italian-made cotton and wool Lazio fabric in particular, with its textured and warm bouclé feel, supports the invitation to stay seated and indulge the senses just a little longer. For the SpringSummer23 collection, Lazio is now also offered in a new earthy brown hue, Lazio Brown, making it suitable for interiors with a toned-down, contemporary and calming color palette.

The characteristic Bolzano chaise longue also brings images to mind of a reposed Marlene Dietrich from the 1930s, impeccably dressed and fancily smoking a cigarette. The distinct format of the chaise longue with its round contours asks for a side table with a similar roundness. For this new collection, BoConcept therefore proposes to combine it with their circular Madrid table, now presented with a ceramic table top and marble finish named Brown Ceramic.

The new tabletop material gives off a strong and dynamic feel with its blend of natural colors and lines, a surface that evokes curiosity and offers the eye a myriad of shapes to discover. In addition, the innovative ceramic surface also responds to BoConcept's ambition of presenting materials that are both durable and environmentally friendly, and in this case, strong and robust enough to be used in flooring and tiling, too.

Behind both the Bolzano seating collection and the Madrid table is Danish designer Morten Georgsen. For more than 25 years, Georgsen has been creating furniture for BoConcept that focuses on ‘elegant functionality’, which is also the case for these new pieces. "When you combine pleasing proportions with beautiful colors, materials and craftsmanship, you create a design that evokes a good feeling," he says. The curved lines that characterize both the Bolzano and Madrid designs are pleasing to look at, adding harmony and softness to the spaces they inhabit, but the non-angular shapes also bring with them practical benefits, with no legs or hard corners to bump into – a functional detail not to be underestimated in a living room or lounge where comfort is the priority.

In its desire to offer objects for extraordinary homes, this year BoConcept has set up a collaboration with Malerifabrikken, a Danish-based gallery creating handmade and unique art pieces. Together with the gallery, BoConcept has selected four pieces of wall art that tap into the same sculptural and visual language as the newly proposed furniture and accessories. Abstract, deep in texture and subtle in colors, the viewer is drawn towards the wall pieces to fully understand their substance and physicality.

BoConcept is continuously checking the pulse of current trends and user needs in the interiors field and with the SpringSummer23 collection, it proposes getting elegantly comfortable, engaging the senses and making a choice for enduring quality design.

Sisse Bro