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Jessica Alba's Home Office Just Got An Upgrade With Stained Glass Art

Aug 20, 2023


Think beyond the walls.

Even as COVID becomes somewhat more manageable, many people are embracing the work from home life for the long haul. And to keep you productive in a space that's made to multifunction, it's important to surround yourself with decorative items that — for lack of better explanation — just make you feel good. From crystals to framed photos, everyone has a different version of decor that you can count on to bring in the positive vibes, and for Jessica Alba's home office that includes a nostalgic and unique type of hanging art: Stained glass panels.

Alba is decidedly glamorous and stylish, but one of the biggest reasons she's such a beloved celebrity is the fact that she also seems accessible and down-to-earth. The Honest Company founder has been a great source for tips on making the most of stay-at-home life, from the skin care essentials that give her a glow on Zoom calls to the athleisure attire that makes her feel chic during walks and workouts. And in a recent Instagram post to promote her brand's cleaning products, she also shared that her favorite new way to give a calm, cool feel to her WFH nook is by adding a few hanging stained glass pieces to her windows.

It's a scientific fact that natural light can improve your mood, which explains why so many design experts recommend putting your desk near a window when possible. And if your home office has very little wall space, stained glass art is a way to add some color, pattern, and visual interest (not to mention support local artists like De Glassé, who made Alba's custom pieces) while still letting the daylight work its mental health magic.

To achieve a similar boho aesthetic in your home office — or any space that has windows, honestly — you can find stained glass panels like Alba's on sites like Chairish or Etsy that specialize in vintage pieces. Want something a little more contemporary? Besides commissioning work from De Glassé, you can check out some modern minimalist versions by indie artist Debbie Bean. Bohemian home decor hub Urban Outfitters also has a few whimsical, window-friendly options. Once you pick your perfect piece, use a cleaning spray and microfiber (obviously Alba prefers Honest Glass Cleaner) to keep your windows sparkling, and then hang with easily removable hooks (like Command's clear kind) to put your new artwork on display.

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Ashley Tibbits