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Good Day, Sunshine! 5 Inexpensive Decor Ideas To Prepare Your Bedroom for Summer

May 23, 2023

Pull up your blinds and throw open the windows—the sunny weather has finally arrived! The countdown to summer is in full swing, and experts are predicting it could be the hottest one on record. So now's the time to prepare your home for the heat ahead.

If your home is not equipped with central air conditioning, the best accessory you can buy for your bedroom is an AC unit. But barring that, there are also several home decor upgrades you can make now to freshen up your bedroom.

For inspiration, we turned to Instagram and found five looks we’d absolutely add to our summer bedroom mood board—from breezy linen bedding (in a punchy berry color, no less) to no-maintenance greenery. And the best part? All of the items on this list can be had for $300 or less.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself this summer is linen bedding, whether it's in the form of sheets or a duvet. Choose a fun duvet color like the raspberry one seen in a post from @casa__lottii.

"The choice of linen—with its breathability, durability, and natural creases—creates an inviting and relaxed feel," says designer Artem Kropovinsky, of Arsight. "The arrival of summer often calls for the introduction of vibrant colors, and what better way to do this than with a splash of raspberry?"

Get the look: Keep things cool in your bedroom this summer with this duvet cover.

When it comes to summer-approved storage, you can't go wrong with a set of wicker chests like these ones from @arteperpiacere.

"Using wicker adds a summerlike charm to organizing bedroom essentials," says Kropovinsky. "A material with timeless appeal, wicker introduces texture and warmth, while its versatility and practicality make it suitable for baskets, trays, boxes, and even furniture."

Get the look: Bring some textured organization into your space with this two-piece wicker basket set.

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Looking for the optimal way to have a bright summer bedroom without sacrificing your privacy? Enter: these sheer drapes seen in a post from @linaveronica.

"Sheer drapes don't completely block the light from a room but reduce the sun's intensity, resulting in a cooler space," says designer and decor influencer Alexandria Kochinsky, of @grandmillenniallifestyle. "It's particularly lovely when the outside temperatures allow for a windows-open day, and the drapes catch the breeze."

Get the look: Create a romantic vibe in your summer bedroom with these gauzy, sheer curtains.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to buy more throw pillows, consider this gorgeous post from @thepavlouhome to be it.

"In the summer, most people gravitate toward lighter and brighter palettes," says Kochinsky. "You can go with something delicate with embroidery for a ‘cottagecore’ feel or something with cabana stripes for a coastal look."

Get the look: Find your perfect summer aesthetic by shopping this collection of throw pillows.

A busy summer schedule means you’ll have less time to tend to house plants. But if you still want a bit of greenery in your bedroom, a faux arrangement that resembles the one seen here in a post from @throughthegreydoor really answers the call.

"The little-to-no-maintenance part can't be stressed enough," says Kochinsky. "You don't have to sacrifice the look if you’re busy, or aren't into tending to a plant. It's also an excellent choice for folks who live in spaces without much outdoor access because there's no mess."

Get the look: Get a natural vibe without the cleanup by checking out the faux stems and plants on Afloral.

Larissa Runkle is a writer and editor living in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. Her work focuses on unique real estate and lifestyle trends.

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