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Every ‘Black Mirror’ Season Ranked From Worst to Best

Nov 21, 2023

After a four-year hiatus, Charlie Brooker's Emmy-winning sci-fi series "Black Mirror" is finally set to return with its sixth season in June. Character-focused, frequently bleak, and always innovative, the star-studded anthology series sets out to explore technology's impact on humanity (and vice versa). Releasing in the midst of heated debates about the use of AI in art, including its effects on writers and actors, the five-episode "Black Mirror" Season 6 comes at a time when the tension between technological innovation and human expression feels like it has never been higher. And considering "Black Mirror" has never shied away from artificial intelligence in its storytelling, we can't wait to see what it adds to the conversation.

Until then, if you want to pass the time until new episodes drop, now is a great opportunity to either catch up on or revisit previous seasons. However, as is always the case with anthology series — especially those in which every episode is its own self-contained story — not every season of "Black Mirror" is created equal. And while every season has its highs and lows, some are more skewed toward one side of the spectrum than others. Here's our ranking of the first five seasons of "Black Mirror."