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Create Museum

Aug 29, 2023

Want your home to look and feel like an art gallery? You can design museum-quality wall art without the need to pay for high-end pieces by simply doing it yourself. While original prints and paintings are generally pricey investments, you might explore patterns and pictures within the options of wallpaper. Whether petite or grand, art and murals displayed in a museum are often showcased with complementing frames for a distinguishable appearance. While custom framing can venture into the hundred-dollar range with the addition of mattings and moldings, you might find reasonably priced framing options that better suit your art elsewhere.

How can you create museum-worthy framed pieces? Many TikTok users are experimenting with assembling their own custom-made frames for peel-and-stick wallpaper images. One user in particular, @taybeepboop, who concentrates on assorted DIY projects, shows how to apply a framed wall mural without the need for power tools. Applying peel-and-stick wallpaper is a cheap and easy method. And while you may want to opt for the permanency of standard wallpaper, peel-and-stick provides a temporary look for renters or those who like to consistently refresh their look.

From a paper roll to the wall, you can display a beautiful masterpiece with just a few effective tools. Whether you use regular wallpaper or peel-and-stick, make sure to initially measure your panels by length and width for the space intended. Also, determine which parts of the image you want to showcase within the frame, as excess edges can be removed with a box cutter after you've applied it. For the frame, you can obtain the desired pieces from your local hardware store's trim and molding section. Measure the length of the trim needed, then use a miter box saw to achieve precisely cut (45-degree) corners.

Use a level to calculate straight lines for framing, then place them securely onto the wall by installing screws with a hammer or drill. If you are unable to use screws, command strips might also work, depending on the weight of the trim. Overall, this is a simple process that may take only a few hours. As standard paper can take longer, make sure to roll on the paste to the paper first for a thorough application.

Another simple trick by @taybeepboop for displaying museum-quality art is to fill in the blank spaces of wall molding with eye-catching wallpaper patterns, as seen above. Whether applied to already established trim or to newly defined textures, you might feature one space or more with decorative wallpaper panels that fit pleasingly within a rectangular or square shape. Measure out the size, apply your paper, then use a box cutter to detach the excessive edges in the ready-made structure for an authentic art gallery look.

For smaller-scale images, you can also display diverse wallpaper designs within inexpensive picture frames. Use peel-and-stick wallpaper or cut and paste wallpaper or another material onto the frame of the board with adhesive spray or glue, then slide it into the frame. You might also exhibit a collage by placing several correlating pieces together within the same area. However you choose, these are some brilliant ways to bring the museum home to you every day.