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Catch some rays at Friday's ArtWalk

Aug 11, 2023

ArtWalk Downtown Billings hosts its third event of the 2023 Season on Friday, June 2 in downtown Billings.

ArtWalk locations across downtown will be open from 5 to 9 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) to host exhibits and feature artists from Billings and the region. A mobile-friendly map and more information about the June 2 event, including images and gallery notes, can be found at and on Facebook and Instagram @billingsartwalk

There are four new season members joining ArtWalk:

● Jennco Designs, 2905 Montana Ave.

● McCormick Cafe, 2419 Montana Ave.

● Robert Tompkins Fine Art, 115 N. 28th St.

● Valcana Elupt, 212 N. 29th St.

One-time event participants include:

● Billings Art Association in the 29th Street alley

All ArtWalk events are free. Many locations host music and offer light refreshments. Often, artists attend and present gallery talks. There are a variety of parking options in the downtown area, including free on-street metered parking after 5 p.m.

"Flower Girl" by Lynn Shield.

A&E Design, 124 N. 29th St. Creativity and innovation do more than shape culture — they inspire us to bring fresh senses to what is, and what's possible. A&E Design is privileged to host "CONSTANT STRUCTURE and RANDOM VARIABLES", a site-specific multimedia installation by artist Jon Lodge.

Lodge's work investigates aspects of nature and the built world through architecture, music, visual art, science, and technology. This ArtWalk experience will also feature the music of Alex and Erik — Erik Olson and Alex Nauman, talented longtime musical collaborators who play at the crossroads of traditional and experimental.

"Aurora" by Jessica Brophy.

We’ll see you Friday, June 2 from 5-9 p.m., with music starting at 5:30 for an engaging, electric evening.

Aspinwall, 103 N. Broadway, hosts Jessica Brophy during the June ArtWalk. Jessica Brophy does art differently. She makes custom art, which means she works one-on-one with each of her clients to create a painting or drawing around their style and what they love. Her pet portraits are wildly popular.

Barjons Books, 223 N. 29th St., hosts local artist Karyne Dunbar.

Karyne Dunbar's work is at Barjon's Books.

Barjon's Books is hosting paintings by Karyne Dunbar.

"Major life changes inspire artistic direction and focus. As I face new challenges I look with gratitude to the wings that have held me aloft for many years in my work," said Dunbar. "Some of you who are familiar with me know that revelations from dreams and an Arapaho elder assisted me to recognize my spirit guides. The bison was my first spirit mentor who later passed me to his companions, those clever, mischievous, mythic corvids. At this time I felt the need to honor both my guides by pairing them in two paintings, showing both their energy and their natural serenity in harmonious contrast. They represent the yin/yang that lies in all things. My other recent images depict my winged guides more as spirit than physical entity. They are transitioning, as I am."

Billings Arts Association, Billings Pollinator Group, & Yellowstone Valley Beekeepers Association, 29th Street alley, join the map for the June ArtWalk to help kick off the upcoming Billings Pollination Festival. Come to the beautiful 29th St. Arts Alley for art, pollinators, and conversation.

Taylor Evans' innovative 3D paintings can be seen at Electric Storm Gallery.

The Billings Pollination Festival is held every third week of June in conjunction with the national celebration. On Saturday June 24 at St. Andrew Church in Billings visitors can experience everything that is vital to the pollination of flowers, trees and shrubs. The Billings Arts Association began in 1954 with artists, actors, writers, musicians, and "interested observers." Founders were members of the Montana Institute of Arts and included many legendary artists such as Isabelle Johnson, Ben Steele, Ted Waddell, and Donna Forbes. One of the early projects of the organization was to help organize and fund a drive to make an art center of what was once a county jail. That is now the Yellowstone Art Museum. We are proud of the Billings Arts Associations contributions to the community, and we remain passionate about is giving back to the community, through collaboration, support, and financial giving.

Artists displaying at ArtWalk: Rebecca Newton — watercolor, Linda Franson — gouache, pastel, Terry Carver — acrylic, John Kennedy — watercolor and Rabbit Knows Gun — mixed media.

Billings First Congregational Church (BFC), 310 N. 27th St., welcomes artist Samantha Arave.

Samantha Arave will have paintings on display at Billings First Congressional Church.

"What I create comes from a place of experimentation, play, and personal exploration," she explained. "The resulting viewer experiences are their own. Neither of us require the validation of the other's thoughts or interpretation. Please enjoy or disregard as you choose. Through the process of first allowing the medium to organically create shapes, then adding layers of information, manipulating the information by wantonly removing or shifting the medium, there becomes subsequent focal points of interest as the view moves in the intimate space of the work and as they physically distance themselves. The tension of what is center and specific, the ambiguity of where the primary composition ends, and the background resumes is a well-prepared understudy waiting for failure of the performer. The experience is owned only by the viewer, and the artist surrenders themselves to the concept."

Todd Forsgren's photography will be on display at the Billings Public Library.

Billings Public Library, 510 N. Broadway, is happy to host Todd Forsgren for our June ArtWalk event. Todd's work has been featured in venues as diverse as National Geographic and Cosmopolitan. Join us for the ArtWalk and enjoy Forsgren's amazing collection of ornithological photographs.

Billings Symphony Society, 2820 2nd Ave. N., will be closed for the June ArtWalk.

Bishops Cuts/Color, 108 North Broadway welcomes Sherri Cornett and the community-based art project, "Transformation."

Ceilon Aspensen Fine Art, 113 North Broadway #406, will be closed for the June ArtWalk

"Birds, Bees, and Other Billings Bugs" is at Da Vinci's Workshop.

Helena based mixed media artist Julia Anderson is at the Downtown Billings Alliance.

Da Vinci's Workshop, 2706 2nd Ave. Doodlen Dan is opening the doors to Da Vinci's Workshop to community artists for "Birds, Bees, and Other Billings Bugs." Stop by the Workshop to see all the Billings bugs.

Downtown Billings Alliance (DBA), 116 N. 29th St., welcomes Helena based mixed media artist Julia Anderson. Her work is inspired by animals and maximalist interior design. Anderson said, "I create art that is fun to look at. My works are vibrant statement pieces that add funkiness to the art space." Stop by the DBA to view her work from 5-9 p.m.

Electric Storm Gallery will feature photos from Jake Iverson and music from Goosetooth.

Electric Storm Gallery, 405 N. 24th St. The opening reception for ESG's newest exhibition "The Mind's Eye" will be held during ArtWalk on June 2nd, 5-9 p.m. The Mind's Eye features a variety of artists who explore the boundaries of reality through imaginative art. Artists include Taylor Evans, Jon Lodge, Adam Riggs, and Jake Iverson. Live music from local artist Goosetooth and tasty tacos from Crazy Taco Food Truck

Becca DeMeyer's paintings are at Global Village.

Global Village, 2815 2nd Ave. N., hosts Montana native, artist Becca DeMeyer. DeMeyer has been fortunate to spend the majority of her life surrounded with wildlife and beautiful landscapes with much of her work dedicated to the observation of the natural world, adding her own imaginative spin with vibrant colors and details. Becca said, "On occasion, I love to step into the surreal and will create something from dreams with fantastic elements in place. My preferred mediums are acrylic and gouache paint. I find they best incapsulate the luminance of life and are forgiving when I decide to apply another layer of paint onto the art piece."

Billings weaver Jamie Stevens is at the Hedden-Empire gallery.

Harry Koyama Fine Art, 2509 Montana Ave. Emphasis for the June ArtWalk at Harry Koyama Fine Art will be the iconic American Bison. On display will be some recent bison paintings by Harry in addition to the other wildlife, landscape and Native American subjects.

Hedden-Empire Gallery, 206 N. 29th St. The wall hangings, shawls and scarves of long time Billings weaver Jaime Stevens will be shown at the Hedden-Empire Gallery during the June ArtWalk. Refreshments will be served. Hours are from 5—9 p.m.

Kate Hart's work is at Kennedy's Stained Glass for the June ArtWalk.

Jennco Design, 2905 Montana Ave., features handmade wood and epoxy furniture and will have goods crafted by Jennco Design as well as original, colorful and beautiful paintings done by Ellie Swan. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Kennedy Stained Glass, 2409 2nd Ave. N., hosts jeweler and metalsmith Kate Hart. She is a classically trained goldsmith with over 30 years of experience beginning with creating one of a kind pieces using ancient techniques in high care gold, later moving to lesser intrinsically valued materials and letting the artform and final product create the value of the piece.

"I believe jewelry is a wearable art form," Hart explained. "I design my pieces to capture the attention of the viewer but then on closer inspection let the materials I have chosen elicit a delighted response. I now only use vintage coins and salvage metals to fabricate the jewelry line. Most of my line is created using pre 1982 copper pennies. Other materials are sourced from recycling centers. I like to tell my customers that previously I used precious metal but now I make metal precious."

Learn about redefining love with Sara Beth Wald at Le Macaron.

Kirks’ Grocery, 2920 Minnesota Ave., features Gordon McConnell: "Comic Book Cowboys, Cadillacs & the Italian West," which has filtered comic books, advertising and movies, into painting through collecting, editing, and collage. These new paintings are translations of fragments from the limitless library of mechanically reproduced pictures.

Le Macaron, 112 North Broadway, welcomes author Sara Beth Wald. She's is a former social worker and journalist, blogger, author, and founder of Redefining Love. She is passionate about holding space for trauma survivors and walking through their stories to the healing that is possible on the other side. Wald lives with her husband and two sons in Montana. You can find Sara and learn more about Redefining Love at

Magic City Makers Art Collective, 115 N. 29th St., is a contemporary art collective in town designed to aid artists in creating and being noticed within the Billings community.

Magic City Makers Art Collective's "Junkyard Life" exhibition is on display for the June ArtWalk.

Susan Martinez will have work on display at McCormick Cafe.

" Junkyard Life" is an all-new upcycle art exhibit hosted by Magic City Makers Art Collective. The exhibit will feature artwork that is reimagined "trash" materials into unique and astonishing art. This event celebrates ingenuity while raising awareness about the need to protect our environment. In our throw-away culture, we need to rethink disposability by upcycling — a totally creative endeavor Junkyard Life will feature a live painting demonstration by established artist Ruby Hahn. Come watch her create a work of art in front of your eyes. Engage with artists, learn about the painting process and ask questions. "Junkyard Life" will feature other local artist Christina Larsen as well as creative participants Abby Larson and Marie Dono.

Come join Magic City Makers Art Collective for Artwalk to celebrate our local artists and creatives, and have some fun while doing it.

McCormick Cafe, 2419 Montana Ave., joins ArtWalk as a new season member. Stop by McCormick's and M.A.D Pizza featuring artists Susan Martinez and Justin Dowler.

Check out Robert Tompkins' impressionist oil paintings.

Sandstone Gallery will feature work from Donna Moore.

Lana Bittner's work will be at Sandstone Gallery.

Robert Tompkins Fine Art, 115 N. 28th St. Ste. 304. Robert Tompkins is an impressionistic oil painter. Subjects vary but all work bridges realism and abstraction. Florals, landscapes, Native American and animals are represented.

Sandstone Gallery, 2913 2nd Ave. N., showcases featured artists Lana Bittner, Donna Moore and Lynn Shield, and guest artist Angela Rafferty.

Bitner grew up in Eastern Montana with a signature style of adding an air of mystery movement in her work. Her chosen medium is watercolor and experiments with alcohol ink in contemporary and abstract style.

Moore believes art completes ones soul whether an active participant or one who appreciates art. She uses her love of animals and the Montana lifestyle to create dynamic and art that is distinctly hers.

Shield loves to use color, the brighter the better. She works primarily in Brusho watercolor crystals and alcohol inks. Both media have helped to develop her signature style of Montana wildlife and flower.

"Blossom" by Lynn Shield.

Snook Art Company, 2420 2nd Ave. N., joins as a new season member. Come and enjoy a whole range of artwork that is privately owned and work of local artists that is for sale. You may find that little gem of work that completes your collection. This is an opportunity to begin collecting at a starter price point, or begin collecting an artist who is new to you.

Stop at Snook Art Company during Friday's ArtWalk.

Stephen Haraden Studio and Gallery, 2911 2nd Ave. N., Ste. 235. For all of your randomly tossed torn paper assembled into collage art needs, visit the Stephen Haraden Studio.

Go to ArtWalk to see Stephen Haraden's unique collages.

This House of Books, 116 N. 29st St., check for more information.

Tyler Murphy Studio, 111 N. 30th Ste. 217. Tyler Murphy will have his new private studio (located on the 2nd floor above ArtHouse Cinema) open for ArtWalk. Stop by to see what he has working on this month.

Valcana Elupt, 212 N. 29th St., joins ArtWalk as a new season member. Check for more information.

Western Heritage Center, 2822 Montana Ave., will be closed for the June ArtWalk.

Yellowstone Art Museum (YAM), 410 N. 27th St. The Yellowstone Art Museum currently has a full lineup of exhibitions on display. Our newest exhibition is "Christine Joy and Sara Mast: Passage," which opened last week in the Charles M. Bair Family Gallery and Northwest Projects Gallery. "Through Her Lens: The Photographs of Barbara Van Cleve" is on display until June 25 in the Montana Gallery. "The Montana Modernists: Shifting Perspectives" and "Master Printer: Robert Blackburn" are on display until June 11 in the Mildred Sandall Scott Galleries. Enjoy free museum Admission on First Fridays from 4-8 p.m. and don't miss your chance to view these wonderful exhibitions.

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