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5 Beautiful crucifixes from small shops on Etsy

Sep 15, 2023

There's something so special about buying from a small business. You’re directly supporting a person or family instead of a large corporation, and it's a more thoughtful kind of shopping.

It's no wonder the Church supports "shopping small." Pope Francis has even spoken out in favor of thoughtful consumption, condemning "the drive to limitless consumption" that can be so tempting when we have so many products at the tips of our fingers.

So in honor of today's Feast of the Holy Cross, here are some beautiful crosses that will look lovely wherever you put them. And they’re all from small shops on Etsy!

Carved from solid wood, this rustic wall crucifix is realistic and beautiful. It comes in various sizes. ($55)

This tasteful wall-hanging crucifix was handcrafted in Bethlehem. Christian artisans carved it from olive trees, which have been growing in the Holy Land since ancient times. It's 14 inches tall. ($174.99)

At 1.5 inches tall, this small but ornate crucifix is perfect for wearing on a necklace. It comes in a black velour gift box on a 24″ Chain. ($39.99)

This simple but classic cross comes with a stand for your shelf. It's the perfect piece for the modern and elegant Christian home. It comes in several sizes and you can get one or a set of 3. ($65)

Intricately carved from oak wood, this cross is reminiscent of an icon in its detail and depth of meaning. And it was made in Ukraine! It comes in several sizes. ($36.55)

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