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20 Modern Entryway Ideas for an Inviting First Impression

Apr 27, 2023

Create a fresh first impression with these ideas for designing and decorating a modern entryway.

Adam Albright

When it comes to decorating, your entryway is a great place to start as it's a small space that has just a few functions. Maybe you have a large formal foyer or your entryway is part of another living space. Regardless, you need a place to hang coats and bags, somewhere to sit, and somewhere to store shoes and small items, such as keys, mail, and sunglasses. Once you understand these parameters, you can start shopping for the right pieces for your modern entryway.

To achieve a modern style, look for entryway decor that incorporates raw materials, clean lines, and graphic colors and patterns. Below, you’ll find a host of modern entryway ideas to start decorating your space.

Jay Wilde

Carefully chosen entryway art is the perfect way to set the tone for the rest of your house. This contemporary plywood showpiece feels modern thanks to its use of raw materials and pop-art style. It playfully nods to the coming and going of an entryway, and it also balances the scale of the industrial storage unit below.

David A. Land

Many entryways open directly into a living space. Rather than jam all your entryway needs into one area, spread out as much as you can. Here, an entry bench and mirror frame the door, while modern pegs for jackets and bags are installed on the facing wall.

Kat Teutsch

Another way to construct a functional modern entryway, especially if space is limited, is using vertical storage. The shelves here provide ample storage while preserving an open feeling perfect for a modern space. As a bonus, it draws the eye up, highlighting the sloped ceiling of this midcentury home.

Adam Albright

Modern style is all about simplicity. If you want your entryway to feel modern and serene, eliminate anything non-essential. This modern entryway strips decor to three main items: a stool, a mirror, and a rug. These get the job done while complementing the style of the home.

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Carson Downing

Keep your entryway organized by making sure it's functional for everyone. Low storage is a great idea if you have kids, so they can take and store things on their own. Compiled with lightweight, hanging items, this space could easily be reconfigured to be more grown-up down the line.

Jason Donnelly

This entryway color palette proves that modern doesn't have to mean cold. Brass accents and a sunny color scheme of blue and coral dress up clean-lined furniture and accessories to create an entryway that's welcoming and contemporary.

Blaine Moats

This clever vertical storage system made from iron piping looks good and keeps the entryway tidy. You can find similar components online or DIY your own with materials from the hardware store.

Jay Wilde

If your house has a traditional foyer, use the opportunity to splurge on something bold, like a graphic wallpaper. The pattern of this paper gives the room a modern feel, with a color palette that still feels period appropriate.

Blaine Moats

Clutter in the entryway is often unavoidable, which might irk some modern minimalists. One hack is to keep storage below eye level so that any clutter is out of your sightline. This is also an accessible way to organize the space if you have younger kids.

Jay Wilde

A well-chosen entryway mirror is functional, decorative, and helps fill the space with light. The mirror is the focal point in this modern entryway, supported by a simple raw-wood bench that could work as seating or as a place to set things in a hurry.

Blaine Moats

Blonde wood is a signature of modern style. These simple floating bins are an easy DIY, and they look fresh while keeping everything handy and off the floor.

Carson Downing

Consider this DIY wall art if your entryway is nothing but a bare wall. Starting with a modern entry bench as inspiration, the homeowners added raw and painted wood in a geometric pattern for a beautiful contemporary feel and a cohesive design in what was once an empty space.

Werner Segarra

For a more formal look, lean on symmetry and a strict color palette to create a sense of grandeur. Using only black and white and a very balanced arrangement on the sideboard, this entryway feels sophisticated and upscale.

Maria-Carla Atencio

With a mirror, storage shelf, pegs, and a cozy rug, this modern entryway has all the essential elements. The style of each item is what makes the room feel contemporary. For example, the mirror features a simple, unadorned frame, and the shelf is made of clean, geometric lines. Plants and cheerful colors create a sense of welcome.

Tamara Smith

Replicate this entryway built-in if your space lacks storage. Wood framing and crown molding combine to make a built-in coat rack that looks like it's always been there. Lively wallpaper and a black-and-white color scheme work to make the traditional storage feel more modern.

Annie Schlechter

Consider what guests will see when they walk into your home. Placing art in direct view is a great way to communicate your style. Here, vibrant pop art stands out against lacquered walls to tell you you’ve arrived somewhere glamorous.

Max Kim-Bee

The entryway is your home's first impression, so be thoughtful about what you include. Although this entryway is minimally decorated, the items have a lot of personality. Plus, thanks to a long bench that works as storage and seating, this entryway also has plenty of function.

Part of modern style is mixing things that don't typically go together. In this entryway, a traditional Dutch door in an unexpected color pairs with patterned textiles and rustic baskets for an overall look that's eclectic and fresh.

Annie Schlechter

Natural wood and warm tones create a cozy feeling in this modern entryway, while the minimal use of decor creates calm. Despite the traditional furnishings, the space feels modern overall thanks to the architecture and minimal approach to decorating.

Edmund Barr

A restrained color palette and clean lines create a serene feeling in this modern entryway. Despite the minimal approach, this room has all the essential entryway elements, including a sideboard for shoe storage and a mirror for last-minute touch-ups. To make this look even more functional, add a tray to the top of your cabinet as an easy drop spot for keys, sunglasses, and wallets.

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