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10 Horror Movies With Deadly Mirrors

Jan 31, 2024

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the most terrifying of all?

Other horror movie tropes may seem overused or cheesy at times, but not the mirror trope, which is guaranteed to deliver a load of genuine scares. With so many superstitions surrounding mirrors, it's no surprise that they're frequently used as vehicles of fear in most horror films. Mirrors in horror movies often depict alternate reality or simply possession; sometimes they symbolize vanity or a sinister other self. Whatever evil they may represent, mirrors, even more than dolls and clowns, are among the creepiest symbols of evil in horror films.

Mirrors may be creepy due to the intimacy they exude or the way they manifest identical worlds. The truth is, there are some days it is hard to look in the mirror without having that uneasy feeling that someone is watching from behind. Horror then takes this uneasy feeling and fleshes it out into tales that a good deal of people may come to dread. From trapped souls to nightmares, evil monsters emerging from the mirror, scary reflections, and vengeful mirrors, films such as Oculus, Dark Mirror, and Mirrors, among others, have done an excellent job of instilling fear of mirrors in the hearts of many.

An ex-cop, Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) and his family are targets of an evil force that uses mirrors to gain entrance into their world. As his family begins to see some odd reflections of themselves in the mirror, Carson realizes he needs to do something quickly to save his family.

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The savagery of these haunted mirrors greets viewers from the opening scene of this horror tale, followed by other grisly deaths and several other disturbing scenes that heighten the fear and panic. The Jaw-ripping scene is sure to stick with many for a long time and make them wary of looking in the mirror. With its dark scenes, iconic imagery, and well-executed plot Mirrors upholds the creepy legend of horror mirrors.

Struggling to survive after the tragic deaths of their parents, two siblings return to their childhood homes to destroy the antique mirror they believe is responsible for the deaths. Kaylie (Karen Gillan) the older sister devises a plan to destroy the mirror, but things get heated when the mirror begins to fight back.

With a mirror as the villain, this supernatural thriller presents a rare but pleasant surprise for lovers of horror. This deadly mirror that controls people, traps souls and feeds on plants plays a powerful role in propelling the plot and evoking genuine scares that mess with people's perception of reality. Oculus is one of the most original and fascinating tales of its kind.

This psychological thriller follows the story of a lonely, timid high-school student, Marie, who switches places with her sinister reflection. Her life is turned upside down when this image begins to unleash her secret desires and deadliest dreams.

The evil reflection trope significantly contributes to the unease evoked by this psychological thriller, making this dark mirror tale unsettling for many. From start to finish, Look Away is shrouded in so many mysteries, leaving many confused about what is real and what isn't. Could Marie be the one doing all the killing and blaming it on her dark mirror reflection?

A host of malevolent spirits plagues a young family. At first, they seem like playful children, but soon they take a nasty turn and begin to horrify the family. When they finally kidnap the youngest daughter, the family recruits a parapsychologist to assist them in rescuing their daughter.

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Even after 43 years, Poltergeist remains one of the most revered horror films because of its exceptional acting, superb dialogue, genuine supernatural scares, and superb special effects. The Steven Spielberg influence adds to its allure. The mirror scene in which the paranormal investigator, Marty (Martin Casella), peels his own skin off is one of the goriest scenes in horror film history and is still regarded by many as the most effective use of horror mirrors, having traumatized many viewers.

Psychiatric nurses take part in a bloody mirror ritual, invoking the spirit of a bloodthirsty demon. As this vengeful spirit goes on a killing spree, the number of eyeless corpses of staff and patients grows.

This list would be incomplete without mentioning Bloody Mary, a terrifying story about one of the most malevolent spirits in the history of evil mirror monsters. The myth behind the story contributes to the suspense and excitement of the horror film. Looking in the mirror at night may never be the same after seeing this film.

A graduate student, Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) researching the myth about a murderous soul ends up unleashing this deadly monster (Daniel Robitaille) into the world. With this hook-handed demonic figure roaming freely, a series of horrible things begin to happen.

There's something unnerving about the mere sight of mirrors in a horror movie, and ‘Candyman’ could very much be a big reason for that. Based on the Bloody Mary legend, Candyman presents an even darker force that can be summoned by saying his name five times. This perilous urban legend does not hesitate to kill anyone who calls out his name in front of a mirror. Tony Todd remains one of the most iconic characters in the horror genre thanks to Daniel Robitaille's superb acting.

This terrifying story follows the Wilson family, who goes on vacation only to discover that a group of their doppelgangers is after them. They must fight these strange look-alikes if they intend to survive. However, as the story progresses, they discover there is a world of doppelgangers living in the tunnel and so much they don't know.

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In this home-invasion thriller, Jordan Peele draws from the mirror trope to create a truly unnerving and unique story. The canvas maze scene where the young Adelaide looks in the mirror and sees her doppelganger is sure to send chills down many people's spines. Young Adelaide can't be the only one who is terrified when her mirror reflection remains motionless as she turns towards it; many people may become afraid of their own mirror images after witnessing this.

After a photographer and her family move into a strange old house, she begins to have the odd feeling that she's being watched and that there is a dark presence in their home. After a series of research, she discovers the house has a very dark history.

There isn't as much gore or blood in this as there is in Mirrors, but this dark tale is quite unsettling, and the mirror plays an important role in this. It may be another film with a terrifying mirror angle, but when Lisa Vidal (Deborah Martin) starts seeing disturbing reflections whenever she looks in the mirror, the chilling effect of the film grows.

In this dark, Irish horror, a single mom, Sarah, suspects that her son has been replaced by a doppelganger after he returns from the woods behind their rural home and begins to display strange behaviors.

The Hole in the Ground may have started as a simple story, but as the story progresses, it gets more interesting and terrifying. The scene in which Sarah sees a reflection of her son in a mirror and eventually realizes it is a monster and not her son terrifies not only her but also the audience. Here, the mirror scare is used effectively to heighten the tension.

In The Broken, radiologist Gina is trapped in a sinister world of distorted reality, where she encounters her own doppelganger. Gina decides to investigate these strange happenings only to end up unraveling dark secrets.

Gina's life turning upside down just after the mirror breaks supports the superstitious belief that a broken mirror results in bad luck. In this psychological thriller, Lena Headey plays the troubled protagonist convincingly, adding to the creepy vibes and tension. Many may become wary of broken mirrors after watching this slow-paced psychological horror. Perhaps it is time to be careful with those mirrors. Who knows what they may unleash?

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