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The Edgewood Mansion Offers a Quintessential Upstate Stay

Jan 28, 2024

Having grown up in Upstate New York, I didn't spend a ton of time in my early adult life fantasizing about vacationing there. That said, if you’ve spent any amount of time Upstate, you know how short-sighted that is. In fact, as Robin Catalono recently noted, the word "vacation" actually derives from the first camping guide to the Adirondacks — which "inspired urbanites to ‘vacate’ their cramped quarters and city pollution for the wilds of upstate New York" — written by outdoor enthusiast William Henry Harrison Murray back in 1869.

Fortunately, a stay at Hutton Brickyards and its latest addition, Edgewood Mansion, in the Hudson Valley was all the reminder I needed.

For the uninitiated, Hutton Brickyards is a luxury resort located in Kingston, best known for the pint-sized cabins that dot the bank of the Hudson River. A standout on the event space scene (who doesn't love an Upstate wedding?), Hutton Brickyards was formerly a major manufacturer of brick (hence the name). While there are still a handful of nods to its former glory, the accommodations are by and large contemporary and design-forward. Edgewood, however, offers a totally different experience.

Set on a quiet and totally secluded hilltop overlooking the river, Edgewood is described as a "stately hall built in 1873" whose facade remains relatively unchanged. Because it was once a private residence, it features just 12 spacious, white- and gray-hued guest rooms. It's for this reason that Edgewood feels more like a stay at an old friend's house than anything else — assuming said friend has recently come into an inheritance in the form of a 19th century mansion and has exceedingly good taste in décor. An aesthete's paradise, it's a place where piles of the Mr. Porter Post lay strewn under rococo gold mirrors, vintage parrot wall pockets adorn the halls and overstuffed, jewel-toned chairs wait around every corner.

There are a few different types of rooms, but I stayed in the Edgewood Suite. With separate living and sleeping areas — the former of which features a little dining area tucked just below a massive Victorian bay window and a large seating area, and the latter a king-size bed and fully renovated bathroom — it feels like an indulgence, while also maintaining a real home-away-from-home feel. The intimacy of a stay at Edgewood stems from more than just the accommodations themselves, though. The complimentary breakfast features blueberry parfaits, pastries, fresh fruit and steaming hot coffee in a Stanley thermos left outside your door each morning. It's a sweet touch that reads like a surprise, even though you have to opt in in advance.

You're going to want to get Upstate this spring

The Edgewood Restaurant is a small, equally intimate space with an oak bar and a varying assemblage of modern and vintage furnishings. The menu boasts seasonal fare, comprised of all locally-sourced ingredients and cocktails for every palate. For context, when I visited, Edgewood's liquor license was still pending, so I sampled exclusively non-alcoholic cocktails, and it didn't make a lick of difference — they were all delicious (though, for what it's worth, they’ve since secured their license).

Being that Edgewood is a Hutton Brickyards property, as a guest you also have complimentary access to all of the Hutton Brickyards amenities — spa (river saunas!), restaurant and the newly-reopened River Pavilion, which is actually one of the only river-side restaurants in the area that serves brunch. Whether it be for a deep tissue massage, a wood-fired pizza or just a walk along the river, a trip to Hutton Brickyards is time well-spent.

Should you want to venture off-property, downtown Kingston is home to a whole slew of restaurants, bars and locally-owned shops. Grab breakfast from Rosie General, a midday bite and a beverage from Ship to Shore, or dinner from Ole Savannah — all of which are just a five minute drive from Edgewood.

It also bears mentioning that the Hutton Brickyards properties put you within ideal proximity to some of the Hudson Valley's most premiere hiking trails, as well as opportunity for just about all other manner of outdoor pursuits, regardless of experience level (i.e. the Gunks, Hunter Mountain, Lake Minnewaska, Poet's Walk Park, Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, Sam's Point Preserve and Walkway Over The Hudson). Of course, this is all assuming you have the fortitude to leave the comfort of your room at Edgewood for any meaningful amount of time. Speaking from experience: you likely won't.

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